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Real BOSS Moves is multi dimensioned training platform that teaches a contemporary approach to effective leadership. The extensive offerings for businesses and organizations include in person training sessions, virtual training sessions, and custom assessments, trainings, and restructuring.

Through multiple media, The Life School provides practical tools to help men and women navigate the nuances of everyday life. Through podcasts, talks, non-academic training courses, life skill instruction, and coaching, The Life School will Help You Do Life, Well.



Exit Strategy is an impactful, hands on approach to personal coaching and development for individuals, looking to go from NOW to NEXT. Coaching areas are available for individual growth, relationship assessment and advice, as well as gravitation from existing careers to more entrepreneurial endeavors.  Exit Strategy helps to enhance the personal brand of individuals, so that they can better define their purpose and place in society.  I work with them one on one, to understand and assess both where they are and where they want to be, and help tailor a plan or “Exit Strategy” that will get them there. 

Equilibrium provides dynamic Executive Leadership Development Coaching and Development solutions for small to medium sized businesses and organizations.  We make assessments of the organizations, and create a unique plan that will yield unparalleled professional environments.  Our core strength is our ability to identify, attract, retain, and develop stellar personnel for all aspects of the organization.  We then use the base of the leadership structure to create and test sound business models that are sustainable.    

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