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Wow! Thank you SO MUCH for inviting me to participate in your event. I’ll need more information about you and your event, but I’ll start with some information about me!

I am a Master Life Strategist, whose purpose in life is to take things off of high shelves, and place them on low ones—making accessible to everyone the keys to maximizing their personal potential. The beauty (and intricacy) of my gift is that I can accomplish this over days and weeks, or in one sitting—when situated in the right environment. My multifaceted history as a public speaker, podcast host, writer, innovative solutions expert and leadership development guru uniquely positions me to coach, mentor and minister to the needs of the person who knows there’s more! My approach is targeted and integral, yet unfiltered and uncensored. I am intentional about communicatively lulling the listener into a place of safety so that they can confidently discover and begin embrace their true identity. This is ME. Your turn!

Your thought to partner with Theresa Marie for your event is a GOOD one! Please provide the requested information, so that we can see if I am a good fit for your event. While I am honored to be considered, not all invitations can be accepted. I can promise that all requests will receive a timely response. Thank you again for considering me. It means the world. 


Theresa Marie

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Thank you for considering Theresa Marie for your event! We will be in touch with a response within 2 business days.

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